Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone Loves to Know

Everyone Loves to Know

Does his tongue always hang out?

Yes, Elwood’s tongue always hangs out due to the fact that he does not have teeth on the bottom of the left side of his mouth.

So he doesn’t have any teeth?

Elwood does have upper teeth and teeth on the bottom of the right side of his mouth…just not on the side where his tongue hangs out.

How does he eat?

Karen hand feeds Elwood twice a day. Although he can manage to eat on his own if he had too, it’s very awkward for him.  Plus Karen enjoys spoiling him!

Can he eat hard food?

Yes, Elwood eats hard food, biscuits and loves “people” food.

Doesn’t his tongue get dry?

Yes, Elwood’s tongue does get dry. When this happens Elwood flips his tongue in and out of his mouth like a lizard until moist.

Why does he shake (sometimes)?

Elwood shakes because his is part Chihuahua and sometimes when he gets excited.

What breed of dog is he?

Elwood is an all American MUTT - part Chinese Crested part Chihuahua.

Is there anything wrong with Elwood?

NO, Elwood is 100% a healthy dog!

Do you have to do anything special for him?

Not really. Elwood does need to wear a sweater and coat in the winter because he is hairless. And, in the summer, he cannot be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time without sunscreen. He will burn. But all hairless dogs would require this type of care.

Can he walk?

Of course he can! Elwood is just very spoiled and prefers that Karen carry him everywhere. Karen obliges.

Do you shave him?

NO, Elwood’s look is all natural…right down to his Mohawk!

How did you get Elwood?

As a result of a NJ SPCA investigation. When the investigation was closed it was determined that Elwood needed a new home. Karen’s boyfriend, John, was the investigator on the case and called Karen to go see this unusual dog. John couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw Elwood and knew Karen would just LOVE him. The woman that needed to give Elwood up wanted him to go to someone she knew would love him forever. Luckily for Karen…that was her! When Karen saw Elwood, it was LOVE at first site!

Was Elwood abused?

NO, Elwood was never abused. The woman that had him actually saved his life. She took him from the breeder who was going to kill him because the breeder thought he was “too ugly to sell”. However, due to circumstances, she could no longer keep Elwood and some other dogs and cats she had.

What’s his personality like?

Elwood is a sweetheart! He is a very good dog and has a very fun frisky side. He loves to play with Karen and chew on maro bones.

How does he get along with the other animals in the house?

Elwood loves all the other dogs and cats…and they love him. They all sleep and cuddle together.

Is he friendly?

Absolutely! Elwood loves everyone…especially women, he is quite the flirt!  He is always happy to meet and make new friends wherever he goes.

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