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Elwood - the Dog that Made the Whole World Smile.

With the passing of Elwood on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, Elwood's mom, Karen, and her friends wanted Elwood's work to continue. It was suggested that an Elwood Scholarship be established to carry on his legacy of kindness and service.

Hundreds of people who loved Elwood donated money to support this effort and, on June 30, 2014, The Everyone Loves Elwood Memorial Scholarship was established at Gloucester County College (now known as Rowan College at Gloucester County) in Sewell, NJ. The $15,000 scholarship is a perpetual scholarship which means it will live on forever - even after Karen joins Elwood in Heaven.

Elwood’s Scholarship will be awarded to individuals who actively support homeless animals and it will also benefit students with special needs.

Elwood’s life on earth was short – just 8 years, but his legacy of tolerance and giving back will live on by helping others who share his same values.

Elwood's Book

Everyone Loves Elwood



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Everyone Loves Elwood...and they LOVE his book too!

Ugly Dog Sends Beautiful Message

Everyone Loves Elwoodis the true story of a funny-looking, unwanted puppy who enjoys a fabulous life once he finds a loving home. In 2007, Elwood wins the Ugliest Dog Contest and shows the world You Need Not Be Beautiful To Be Lovable.

Take your children on a wonderful journey with Elwood as he proves it's OK to be different. This adorable dog will make you smile and laugh while sharing lessons of love, compassion and perseverance. And, the very important message to Be Kind To Animals!


Everyone Loves Elwood